Free course: Beat those holiday blues–3-part guide for mentors

What is Dr. Susan offering?

If you mentor, teach, or care about veterinary teams, join me for Rounds, Beating the Holiday Blues, this Sunday, 11/6/16 at 9:00 PM Eastern on Veterinary Information Network . This course

Man sits alone with just the blues for company

Man sits alone with just the blues for company

is free for members of VIN or VSPN. 

What’s it about?

This time of year should be full of food, fun, and family. But for some people, the Thanksgiving spread & tinkling holiday bells just remind them of what’s wrong with their lives. Aunt Martha is going to ask when they’re getting married, Cousin Fred will get loaded and start an argument about some long ago insult, present-giving will cost more than they have, they won’t get time off to visit the folks, hi-cal food and alcohol will beckon from every table, and their special someone will dump them right before New Year’s Eve.

Does this sound familiar? Is someone on  your staff withdrawing, losing weight, and not keeping up at work? Maybe you have a student who doesn’t hang out with her classmates and seems lost. You want to help, but you aren’t sure what to say.

This course is for you. You’ll learn–

  1. how to help someone get through ordinary holiday blues
  2. the difference between sadness and depression
  3. how to intervene when a friend or co-worker seems to be drinking too much alcohol
  4. what to say if you think someone might be feeling suicidal

Don’t worry. You don’t have become a therapist to help someone. With a little practice, you can support a student, colleague, or friend who is temporarily “down” and know when to call in a professional for more serious issues.

See you Sunday!

Dr. Susan