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  1. Pamela Datsko, DVM

    Hello Susan,
    I found your website due to the Rounds discussion on VIN. What a lovely site. It has a very calm, centered feeling to it.

    I am looking to connect with other like minded Veterinarians and associated professionals who feel that we all have something to contribute to the discussion about our lack of self care in this field.

    I have an evolving vision of how I want to help that was born before Dr. Yin’s death but has definitely gained momentum since then. I believe that the more we shine a light on this as a profession, the more we may be able to take better care of ourselves before we get so out of alignment that it is a difficult road back.

    So thank you for participating in VIN’s Rounds and thank you for creating your website which has some wonderful suggestions and resources for all of us.


    1. admin Post author


      A glitch in the software has finally been fixed, so comments are now visible. Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s no surprise to veterinarians that the profession is under great stress. The more members like you who take care of yourselves and each other, the healthier this field will be.

      This Thursday Dr. Michele Gaspar and I are starting an online support group for stressed veterinarians through VIN’s Vets4Vets. It won’t take the place of psychotherapy. It will provide peer support where we can hear, and if you choose, see each other. Tell your DVM colleagues.

      Please let me know if there’s something else you think would help veterinarians, techs, or anyone else on the team cope with stress & compassion fatigue.

      Warmest wishes,
      Dr. Susan


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